Headlight/Taillight Upgrades

Improve your visibility with headlight and taillight upgrades performed by our skilled technicians.

Driving is a heavily visual task, requiring you to keep a constant eye on what is going on around you. During daylight conditions, this is fairly simple since you have plenty of light to see, but when the sky darkens, your visibility becomes dependent on your headlights and taillights. At Tesla Mods NC, we understand that while most stock vehicle lights will get the job done, many drivers seek the better experience that comes with headlight/taillight upgrades. We’re proud to offer these modifications as part of our services for Tesla vehicles, which are our specialty, as well as non-Tesla makes and models.

Headlight/Taillight Upgrades

It’s important to understand that you have numerous options when it comes to headlight/taillight upgrades. One of the most popular headlight upgrades is switching from traditional halogen lights to LEDs, which offer better visibility and a longer lifespan, all while consuming less power. Another common option is switching to high-intensity discharge (HID/Xenon) lights, which also provide better illumination than traditional halogens. LED taillights are also growing in popularity for the same reasons as LED headlights, as well as the fact that you can customize them to have unique designs or features like sequential turn signals that add to the visual appeal.

Headlight/taillight upgrades do more than just improve the appearance of your vehicle, although that’s a popular reason for upgrading. They offer better visibility for you when you’re driving and make it easier for others to see your car. Whether you have a specific vision for your upgraded lights or you’re seeking expert advice to help you make the right choice for your car, our team is the one to trust.

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At Tesla Mods NC, we offer vehicle headlight/taillight upgrades for customers throughout the Triangle, including Morrisville, Apex, Cary, Durham, and Raleigh, as well as all of Wake County and Johnston County, North Carolina.