Upgrade Your Tesla with These Carbon Fiber Parts

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If you’re looking for new ways to upgrade and enhance your Tesla, you’ve probably come across carbon fiber parts. These car parts are highly durable and strong while still being incredibly lightweight and aerodynamic. Carbon fiber parts are also resistant to corrosion, and their unique designs can enhance any Tesla’s exterior appearance.

Upgrade Your Tesla with These Carbon Fiber Parts

If you want to upgrade your Tesla with carbon fiber parts, there are several key parts that our team would recommend. Here are just a few common carbon fiber upgrades to consider:

  • Hood — Carbon fiber hoods are a popular upgrade for Tesla owners because of their lightweight nature. Furthermore, carbon fiber hoods often feature a glossy or matte finish, giving the vehicle a sportier or high-end aesthetic.
  • Spoiler and wings — Carbon fiber spoilers and wings can enhance the aerodynamics and downforce of your vehicle. Their lightweight properties help the vehicle weight remain low while providing stability at higher speeds.
  • Side mirrors — Carbon fiber side mirrors are one of the most common aesthetic upgrades we provide to our customers here. These mirrors reduce the weight of the original mirrors and can even contribute to improved fuel efficiency.
  • Fenders and quarter panels — Carbon fiber fenders and quarter panels reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, contributing to better handling and performance. They also give the exterior a distinctive look.

We’re excited to upgrade your Tesla with the latest cutting-edge carbon fiber parts. If you’d like more information about our work or products, please get in touch with our skilled team at Tesla Mods NC today!