Tesla Modifications for Model Y

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When it comes to Tesla, the future is already here. But even the most advanced cars can benefit from a few tweaks. If you own a Tesla Model Y, you might be wondering how you can take it to the next level.

Tesla Modifications for Model Y

Here are some Tesla modifications that can make your Model Y even more exceptional.

  • Interior Upgrades. The interior of a Tesla is already a work of art, but there’s always room for improvement. How about adding some vegan leather seat back protectors? They not only enhance the look but also provide added durability. And while you’re at it, consider installing Tesla neck pillows for that extra comfort during long drives.
  • Noise Reduction. Tesla cars are known for their quiet interiors, thanks to their electric engines. However, road noise can still be an issue. A noise reduction seal kit can help you make your ride even quieter.
  • Custom Headlights. Tesla modifications can make your vehicle stand out in a sea of ordinary. But it’s not all about aesthetics; upgraded headlights can offer better illumination, which is crucial for those late-night drives or foggy mornings. They can be tailored to your needs, whether you’re after a more focused beam for better distance viewing or a wider spread to light up the sides of the road.
  • Safety and Maintenance. Finally, consider adding splash guards or mud flaps. These are not just for aesthetics; they protect your car from debris and make cleaning easier.

So, there you have it. These are some of the Tesla modifications you can make to your Model Y to enhance its performance, comfort, and aesthetics. We offer these modifications and more, including custom steering wheels. Call us today to customize your Y.