Stunning Tesla Lighting Accessories You Shouldn’t Overlook

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Your Tesla’s sleek, futuristic design is a canvas just waiting to be illuminated with personalized lighting accessories. These accessories can elevate your driving experience and make your Tesla stand out even more amongst all the other vehicles on the road.

Stunning Tesla Lighting Accessories You Shouldn’t Overlook

Here are a few lighting accessories we frequently recommend to Tesla owners who want to upgrade their Tesla’s appearance and functionality:

  • LED interior lighting — Transform your interior’s ambiance with energy efficient LED lighting options. With LED lights, you can easily choose from a wide range of colors to match your mood or create a calming atmosphere during nighttime drives.
  • Custom footwell lights — Upgrade your Tesla’s footwell lighting for a stylish and functional touch. Illuminating the floor area can make it easier for passengers to see better when getting in or out and finding belongings on the floor.
  • Underbody LED strips — Take your Tesla’s aesthetic to the next level with underbody LED strips. Choose colors that complement your car’s exterior and create a captivating visual display as you drive around.
  • License plate frame lights — Showcase your Tesla pride with an LED license plate frame. Enhance visibility and add a touch of flair to your car’s rear area with this simple yet highly effective lighting accessory.
  • Exterior accent lights — Highlight the contours of your Tesla’s exterior with strategically placed accent lights. Whether it is the door handles, grille, or side mirrors, these lights can add a futuristic and attention-grabbing touch.

We’re excited to explore all the different ways lighting accessories can enhance your Tesla. For more information, contact us today!