CMST Tuning

We’re proud to work with some of the best after-market manufacturers in the industry, including CMST Tuning.

When you’re looking for parts to upgrade or customize your Tesla, choosing the right distributor is essential. After all, you wouldn’t put ketchup on a filet mignon, would you? The same logic applies to customizing a luxury vehicle like a Tesla – for a high-quality vehicle, you need high-quality parts. At Tesla Mods NC, we work with some of the best after-market manufacturers in the industry, including CMST Tuning, one of the leading manufacturers of forged wheels.

CMST Tuning

For decades, CMST Tuning has been producing high-quality forged wheels for vehicles by Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, and more. Forged wheels are specially designed to withstand high pressure and heat levels, which makes them extremely popular in the vehicle modification world.

During the forging process, the metal is shaped and compressed under extreme heat and pressure, producing a superior wheel. Forged wheels are exceptionally strong and lightweight, which results in better vehicle performance. They’re also highly customizable, available in a range of colors, finishes, sizes, and designs.

If you come to our team to have us upgrade your Tesla with CMST Tuning wheels, we’ll start by consulting with you about what your overall vision for the end look is, and from there, we’ll work hard to make your vision a reality. We’re passionate about helping our customers outfit their vehicles with eye-catching and unique modifications, and all the parts we use come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as a labor guarantee.

If you’re interested in getting your Tesla upgraded with CMST Tuning wheels, our team would be proud to assist you. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

At Tesla Mods NC, we install products from CMST Tuning for customers throughout the Triangle, including Morrisville, Apex, Cary, Durham, and Raleigh, as well as all of Wake County and Johnston County, North Carolina.