Spoiler Kits

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One of the best (or worst, depending on your perspective) things about owning a Tesla is that it’s something of a blank canvas. It works as a stylish, high-performance, more sustainable car right from the get-go, but you can also modify it to better suit your needs and tastes. That’s where we come in. At Tesla Mods NC, we are dedicated to providing high-quality Tesla parts and accessories to help you personalize your vehicle. We’re passionate about what we do here, and we would love to make a difference for you and your Tesla.

Spoiler Kits

We offer a wide variety of Tesla modifications. Many of these, such as spoiler kits, are designed to enhance the performance of a Tesla even further. You may be familiar with spoilers already, but if you’re not, they’re essentially aerodynamic devices attached to the back of a vehicle. They “spoil” unfavorable air movement (called “drag”) around and under the car, which allows the car to move without relying on as much fuel.

Many Tesla owners are interested in spoiler kits for aesthetic purposes in addition to performance-related ones. After all, spoilers are often found on racecars and sports cars, so anyone who enjoys that type of look has reason to add a spoiler to their Tesla.

If you are interested in spoiler kits, just turn to our team for help. We can help you find what you’re looking for and install it on your Tesla with the utmost attention to detail. Contact us today to get started or learn more.

At Tesla Mods NC, we install spoiler kits for customers throughout the Triangle, including Morrisville, Apex, Cary, Durham, and Raleigh, as well as all of Wake County and Johnston County, North Carolina.